The Best way to hang your Art work on the Wall.

How many times as a visitor have you had to climb on chairs to have a better look at the hanging on people’s walls?! Same case here, whenever i go visiting, especially in homes of ‘our people’.

It turns out the problem has nothing to do with our eyes, but rather a mistake on the part of the host hanging those wedding pictures, graduation portraits and art pieces too high up the ceiling. Eye level is where one should keep it.

Its recommended that the mid midpoint of the hanging should not be more than 60 inches from the ground. For the average family Home, the largest wall hangings are usually about A4 to A3 sizes big and bringing them that low would be putting them in the way of children. (Read high possibility of damage and harm to both parties).

To avoid this, imagine all the different pictures in the family living room as one big art piece/picture and have them hanging together side by side in a designed area of the wall. A small side table against the wall right under the hangings could hold other decorative ornaments while keeping the kids at a safe distance.

Enough of the climbing on chairs.