Mixing up the art with the grad pictures.

At Artfrican Market we know our audience love their framed family portrait out in full display as much as they love beautiful fine art up their walls.

The conflict of interest is understandable. But then who says the two can’t co-exist happily in the same space?!

Making use of the other display spaces other than the walls is one way of going about it, especially for small to medium size framed pictures

Moving the family portraits, grandma’s studio shots and graduation pictures onto to the side tables and window sills, or on top of book shelf, side drawers and cupboard, will create plenty of space for that big size work of art you have been meaning to acquire for your living room wall.

Or you could have the different wall sides holding a collection of similar works or photographs together. The family portraits on one side and the art on the opposite wall.

A win, win for all.

Christopher Oyo