Join us on our African Art Journey

At the start of the year when this website went live. I strongly felt that charting the journey of this infant outfit would be a good way of keeping track on what is going on with us, while at the same time giving folks out there the opportunity to learn from our journey. Not a normal way of doing business for sure. But after a lot of toying around with the idea, am firmly back to it. After all it’s my business, and so am going to do it my way.

Here is an extract from our Facebook page, written some time in Feb.

‘’You will hear all about the turns, the ups, the downs, the hurdles and the pot holes we’ll come across.

The moans and the groans, the cheers and whistles and more importantly, our personal thoughts on how we are doing in the market place.

By laying bare our story on here, we hope our journey, helps your journey. More especially if you hold thoughts of ever scratching that entrepreneurial itch, or even already at it.

The big gamble on this is that our story tugs onto your heart string hard enough to tug your purse strings, or better still get you to spread our story and thus water our growth.

And so, let’s do this.

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Christopher Oyo