Born of the Continent

I was born and brought up on ‘the continent’, Uganda to be precise, and settled in the U.K for now.

And the longer I am away from home, the stronger my connection with the Homeland (Africa) grows.

I seem to appreciate the African culture, traditions and ancestral history much more than I ever did. Whether this has to do with being away from home or simply getting older by the years, am not sure. Could be a case for both.

This bond continues to manifest through food, fashion, music and more importantly family. Then there is social media of course

All these are quite easy to access from outside Africa, except African Fine Art. If a London brother or sister ever wanted to adorn their wall with beautiful African art prints and Artefacts, they would have to wait for when they travel back home and carry one along or pay an arm and leg for a piece from a gallery.

Our Obsession is to provide an online market place for African art and crafts at prices that won’t cost limbs. We have started with Glicee Art prints and original pieces both framed and unframed mainly from Uganda. Tanzania is on the way and so is Nigeria who are riding high on the new wave of photorealism as an art form. Then onto the rest of Africa.

Our audience are those already in love with Africa and anyone out to explore the colours, beauty and richness of the continent.

We start out as total newbies, uninhibited and happy to learn and explore as we soldier on.

Christopher OyoComment