About us

Straight from Africa to your Home. Ours is to spread the vibrancy, colours and beauty of Africa through Art. Our art comes in originals, Glicee prints, framed and unframed. For art disciples, we bring new discoveries and options, while for those out to add style to their homes, that unique and distinctive taste is to be found in contemporary African Art.  

You are welcome to enjoy the original and imaginative side of Africa the rest of the world is yet to discover. The story of beauty and nature, community and freedom, fun and sunshine. A story of enlightenment.

Spreading the Joy of Art

The art of joy we bring to your home is also shared generously with the Artists we work with and helps support learning and creativity for children in different parts of Africa. 

Every piece of art sold, adds to a small pile of children’s reading books we make available for children of Gulu Municipality in Northern Uganda, where children have little or no access to reading materials.